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Australian supermodel & founder of Luma Beauty, Jessica Hart

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An exciting announcement today! I’m now an online contributor for The Beauty Influencers, your one-stop-shop for all news & info on the interesting people that are shaping the beauty industry!

So every Sunday evening (EST), there will be a new “Spotlight Feature” from me up on The Beauty Influencers’ landing page. My first feature on Australian supermodel-turned-beauty-entrepreneur Jessica Hart, the creator & founder of Luma Beauty, just went live last night. Below is an excerpt.


By 2014, Jessica entered the world of e-commerce beauty with the launch of Luma Beauty, her tightly curated line of naturally-sourced skincare & makeup products. A cream-based line of multi-use & cruelty-free products, the brand’s ethos is the celebration of natural beauty & the imperfections that make us unique. Luma is true to the spirit of Jessica’s own beauty philosophy. She told The Beauty Influencers that her “off-duty” beauty routine is “easy, effortless, fresh and dewy.”

The spirit of the range is low-maintenance beauty and healthy, luminous skin through the utilization of certain key ingredients. One such ingredient is crushed pearl powder, which helps stimulate cell regeneration and boost the skin’s natural radiance. Other skin-loving ingredients include moisture-rich hyaluronic acid, and jojoba oil.

Like any burgeoning business, it took years of unflagging passion, experimentation and R&D to bring to market. But it’s paying off. The line has already garnered some serious accolades during its short lifespan. In 2018, the Luma Beauty Liquid Light Illuminating Primer was the top-selling primer for Priceline, the Australian health & beauty retailer, according to Glamour UK. And the Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer was voted the best primer for sensitive skin by the editors of Byrdie.

Text by moi for The Beauty Influencers

I’d love it if you guys would click the link above and read the full text on The Beauty Influencers now! And tell me what you think!

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Check out my first feature on The Beauty Influencers featuring Australian supermodel-turned-entrepreneur Jessica Hart!

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