I went to the new CoverGirl flagship store in NYC!

Exterior of CoverGirl flagship store in Times Square, NYC

Hi friends!

If you didn’t know, CoverGirl recently opened their first stand-alone store in NYC. I first heard about this back in the spring, and I got so incredibly excited. As a self-described “super-fan” of drugstore beauty, I feel I haven’t tried as many products from CoverGirl over the years than I have from, say, L’Oreal or Elf. They were one of the first makeup brands, along with MAC, that I ever used as teenager, but I got distracted along the way and lost touch with their products. They’ve been in the news a lot lately since they became certified cruelty-free, making them the largest cosmetics brand to do so. So now is the perfect time to get inspired by CoverGirl again!

The 2-level, 10,000 sq. ft. store stands at the corner of 48th Street and 7th Avenue, right in the heart of Times Square. From what I could spy online, they opened to the public back on Black Friday.

When I walked in, I saw rows and rows of product, testers (thank goodness and finally!!) and loads of merch. Everything from makeup bags, stationary, hoodies, active wear, cell phone cases, water bottles, beanies, you name it. All branded with the CoverGirl logo.

Supposedly there’s a bunch of interactive stuff there like glam stations where you can virtually “apply” makeup to check for colors, but to be honest I must have breezed right over those! I was on sensory overload a bit and my attention was on the products & the merch.

On a side note, I felt I had the store all to myself for most of the visit, which was awesome! No fighting through crowds or waiting to swatch a product. (I was there at a slightly odd time during the week.) Also, the staff was overall very sweet and helpful which made for a pleasant shopping experience.

So you’re probably wondering by now, what did you snatch while you were there? Well, I have a quick little story for ya.

Three out of the seven items I’m going to show you below I got for free, and here’s why. When I was on the second floor checking out the Cheekers Blushes, a couple of CoverGirl marketers approached me and asked me a few questions about the Clean Liquid Foundation. (I’ve never tried the stuff before, by the way.) What did I think of the bottle? What did I think of the word “clean”? Stuff like that. In exchange for my time, they rewarded me with a free bottle of the Clean Liquid Foundation. Score! They also slipped in two of the Katy Kat glitters for nothing.

(On a side note, I have no idea what to do with the Katy Kat glitters. They are not approved for use around the eyes…so where do I apply them? Any suggestions?)

So besides the free items, I got an adorable CoverGirl beanie hat (don’t judge me, I couldn’t resist), good ‘ole Shimmering Sands Eyeshadow Kit which has been in the CoverGirl line-up forever (my mother specially requested this), and the Exhibitionist Lip Liner in In The Nude. I’ve already started using the lip liner, and I really like the texture and longevity. After I use the foundation for a while, I’ll bring you guys a thorough review.

If you’re in the NYC area or are coming for a visit and you like CoverGirl products, I’d definitely recommend stopping by the store. There’s a lot to see, touch and try on. I’ll definitely be returning sometime soon myself!

Exterior of the CoverGirl NYC store

Are you a fan of CoverGirl products? Are you excited about their first stand-alone store? I’d love to know!

xo, Erica


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16 thoughts on “I went to the new CoverGirl flagship store in NYC!”

  1. Wow that store looks awesome! And, yes, great that there are testers. I think all drugstore makeup should have testers, everywhere! I have had many misses with Covergirl cosmetics but they have a lot of new stuff that I haven’t tried so maybe it is about time to do that. Great post and seems like you had a fun time there.

    1. Thanks so much! I did have a great time there, and I’m so excited to try more of their products! I last fell in love with a CoverGirl product years ago (a liquid eyeshadow), but sadly they discontinued it!

    1. Yea it was amazing! I was so excited to go. I’d say the prices are comparable to CVS or Ulta. You can definitely get them for cheaper at, say, Walmart or Amazon though.

    1. It was so cool there! They actually weren’t too bad to be honest. For example the foundation I got was listed for $7.99 at the store, and right now that’s the same price as if you bought it at CVS. It’s definitely going to be cheaper at other places like Walmart, for instance.

  2. How exciting! Cover girl has a good quality stuff. I used a few of there products and I really liked them, I guess one of them was a blush on. I like how you expose yourself to these new stores and make up products. It will one day be very beneficial for you.

    1. It was really fun there and I definitely want to go back! CoverGirl definitely has some solid products for the price. I’m excited to try them again!

  3. That’s so awesome that you got a few freebies on your visit! Visiting brand stores are so fun, I feel like you never really see the full product range in a bigger chain. I hope you love everything you picked up!

    1. I loved it! When I heard it was opening, I knew I had to go. I just tried the foundation yesterday for the first time, so it’s way too early to tell (first impression was good though), but I have to say the beanie is probably my favorite so far! 😆

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