My beauty anti-wishlist, February 2019

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It’s time for my beauty anti-wishlist, February edition! As has become the standard, I’ve picked five products (or collections in this case) that have either recently launched or will launch soon that I will not be picking up anytime soon. This is based purely on personal preference only; no disrespect intended. I included bits from Tarte, Too Faced, Tom Ford Beauty, Bobbi Brown & ColourPop this month, so let’s get into it!

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Image source: Tarte Instagram

Tarte just recently released two lip gloss/brush kits with a wine or celebration theme; this is just one of them, but I could have picked either one to feature here to be honest.

I think this could be a cool gift for someone but it’s not something I’d ever, ever buy for myself. Although the theme seems fun, the products themselves just seem really impratical. I mean, look at the brush – how would you store that?? It would be interesting to see in person the scale of these products; it’s so hard to tell from these ad images. Either way though, I’ll take a pass Tarte.

(Also, doesn’t it seem like a strange time to bring out celebration-themed products like these? It would probably make more sense around holiday time, but that’s just my two cents.)

More info on this product here.


Image source: Too Faced Instagram

I have no idea who Erika Jayne is, but a little Google search told me that she’s currently one of The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills and is also an on-stage singer & performer. (I used to watch the entire Housewives franchise, but I got bored of that whole sh*tshow.) That aside, none of this OTT, gaudy collection appeals to me.

From what I spied online, all the products debut on Too Faced’s website on Feb. 12th and in Sephora stores on Feb. 17th. The collection contains an eyeshadow palette, two lip kits, a highlighter, a themed Lip Injection, and a body shimmer with a raunchy name (see above).

I don’t know about you, but very few of Too Faced’s recent releases or collections have been inspiring to me. I think the last time I was inspired to spend any of my cash on them was for the Sweet Peach launch (and that was a while ago).

More info on this collection here.


Image source: Trendmood1

I first heard about these lippies on Trendmood’s Instagram account, and my immediate response was, nope! As I’ve mentioned on here before, my penchant for matte, dry-down, long-wearing liquid lipsticks has definitely been on the wane for a while now. But if I am going to buy another liquid lip, I’m certainly not going to spend $55.00 for one. Sorry Tom Ford, but no.

Now I realize that there are two different finishes, as shown in the image above, but it doesn’t really matter; I’m still not interested! I do have two Tom Ford lipsticks that I love in my collection, but to be honest they were both gifts for Christmas or my birthday. I’ve never bought a Tom Ford makeup product with my own cash, and the Lip Lacquer Luxe certainly won’t be it!

More info on this product here.


Image source: Bobbi Brown Instagram

Let me preface this by saying I’m a big, big fan of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in general. I have several of their products in my collection that I totally cherish, like the Tinted Moisturizing Balm and the Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks. But $34.00 for a lightly tinted lip balm? I’ll pass, thanks! They just recently added three or four new colors to the line-up so they’ve been re-promoting these a lot on their Instagram. The most I’m willing to pay for a tinted lip balm is the $18.00 or so it costs for one of my beloved Clinique Chubby Sticks. Any more than that, just forget it.

More info on this product here.

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Image source: ColourPop Instagram

I seriously have lost track of how many collabs Kathleen Lights has done with ColourPop at this point. Anyways, this is the most recent one (just launched on Jan. 31st) and it’s an extension of her larger Zodiac collection from 2018. I don’t use loose pigments…like ever, so I would get zero use from something like this. I bought one years ago from MAC’s mini line called Naked. It was a beautiful color that I used a few times, but ultimately I found the format just too fussy for me. And from looking at ColourPop’s website, I believe you have to order all 12 loose pigments as a set. Even more reason this is a pass for me.

More info on this product here.

What’s on your anti-wishlist this month? I’d love to know!

Xo, Erica


It’s time for my beauty anti-wishlist, February edition! Wanna know which five products from newly released or soon-to-be-released launches that I’m passing on? Read this!

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22 thoughts on “My beauty anti-wishlist, February 2019”

  1. I love the thought if loose pigment, but realistically, I could see them being very messy and alof of hassel. And I 100% agree with the Tarte products, my first thought was… Where will I store them? Great post! X

    1. Thanks so much Kaya! Yea, loose pigments are just too much fuss for me on the whole. I’m not saying I’d never use them, but I think the color would have to be something really outstanding!

  2. I’ll pass on ANY lip product but only because I’m drowning in lip product. They all start to seem the same after awhile. Lol

    I used to really enjoy too faced launched but honestly I feel the same way you do about them. They’ve become so “meh”. And I must be a prude because I’m not exactly excited to run out and buy raunchy sounding makeup.

    1. Erica, I always like your anti-wish-list as this is unique thing. Not many bloggers out there do that. I agree with you on the lip color being so pricy. Normally I don’t care when I spend on beauty product but I like to know if the product worth spending. Hey I use the Naked as well and I thought the same way after using a few times…. lol it’s funny how we can relate in everyday life…I love most of Mac’s products though. BTW, I like your pin image as well.

      1. So glad you like them! I like putting them together too. Oh, that’s funny! I really liked the color of the Naked pigment but just not enough to keep spilling the product everywhere every time I opened the cap! Thank you for noticing my new pins, and for your kind words. I’m taking notes from you!

    2. I like to think that if the product is good enough, I could get past silly names that don’t really mean anything. But putting a body shimmer out there called “Pat the P*ss”?? Sorry, but nope! I don’t use body shimmer and I certainly won’t use one with a nasty name 😆.

  3. I love your anti-wish lists, Erica! $55 for a lip color? Yikes! They must be sourcing some super-rare ingredients to charge more than the price of silver per ounce. At less than 1 tenth of an ounce, they are getting close to the price per ounce of platinum today 🙂 It reminds me of something my husband showed me a couple of weeks ago where Payless shoe store set up a popup luxury shoe shop and charged hundreds of dollars for their shoes….LOL 🙂 (You can delete this link) but here is the video about it

    1. So glad you like them Sarah! I actually really like putting these lists together; not to be overly negative, but just to say, like, what are these brands thinking with some of these products?? I guess they’re always trying to reinvent the wheel, which I understand to a point. Oh wow, never heard of the Payless luxury store! Can’t remember the last time I was in a Payless (aren’t they going bankrupt?) Thanks for sending the video; I’ll give it a watch later!

  4. The only item on your list I MIGHT buy is the loose pigment eyeshadows, but that is still very doubtful. That Tarte lipgloss looks ridiculous and Erica Jayne, whoever she is,,,,,no thanks !

  5. Omg! That’s some expensive lip color!! I agree with you on the celebration kits. I see that more as a New Year’s thing. Maybe a birthday gift? Either way I don’t really like them.

  6. What a great idea Erica! I love Bobbie Brown products for the face but have never tried any of their lip products. Yikes, that is expensive lipstick. I have heard a lot about Tom Ford but for that kind of price range, no thank you.

  7. As always, I loved these posts, Erica! I’m definitely not interested in any of these products either. I can’t believe the name of the Too Faced body shimmer. Wow! & I agree about loose pigments being too fussy. Sucks that you’d have to buy every single color, too.

    1. Yea, I don’t like to think of myself as a prude, but when I saw that name I was like 🤨. Haha! Thanks as always for reading Hunida!

      1. You know I am the furthest from a prude and I even I think that’s a bit messed up lol! & oh, it’s my pleasure!! I always enjoy reading your posts. <3 Hope you have a nice week!!

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