MAC Uninterrupted eyeshadow, a rediscovery!

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I had a true “shop my stash” moment recently that I just needed to tell you all about. Years ago I got really into muddy browns, mustard yellows & sepia tones on my eyes; I think it happened around the time I became a redhead. I found that warm colors on my eyes looked great against the warmth of my new hair color. So when I saw MAC Uninterrupted eyeshadow (a new product around 2013 / 2014) featured in a Pixiwoo YouTube tutorial, I jumped all over it!

Originally it came out as a Pro Longwear eyeshadow (the ones that are sold in the larger pans). I loved it sooo much! It was like all my sepia-colored dreams came true. But in famous MAC fashion, it got discontinued somewhere over the years. So I felt I could never talk about it much; what’s worse than hearing someone rave about a product you can’t get? Also, I lost sight of it in my collection as newer items came in throughout the years.

MAC Uninterrupted Eyeshadow (as Pro Longwear shadow - discontinued)


A few weeks back, I was going through my collection, doing a bit of a declutter, and happened upon my “lost” but beloved Uninterrupted eyeshadow. It was like a revelation, how could I have forgetton such a little gem?! I immediately started using it again, and oh wow, what a beaut! And bonus of all bonuses, last year MAC brought Uninterrupted back as a single eyeshadow. I don’t have to feel bad about professing my love anymore!

Read this: MAC is re-releasing it’s popular eyeshadow Uninterrupted

THE COLOR & Texture

Uninterrupted is a beautiful warm brown with a strong orange/yellow undertone. It’s a matte texture that applies quite evenly across the eye using a large fluffy brush; it can tug a tiny bit and be ever so slightly patchy but nothing too offensive in my eyes (ha, I hate puns). The pigment here is really strong so it takes nearly no time at all to get a really beautiful smokey eye. It’s important to conceal any red or pink on your face when using a color like this, as it can really amplify those tones and make you appear a bit sickly.

You can shop Uninterrupted on MAC’s website here.

Swatch of MAC Uninterrupted eyeshadow


I love to create a big, smudgey smokey eye with this color. It’s insanely easy & quick. I just apply it all over my lid, up into my crease and even above it, making sure to blend out the edges really well. Then I just smudge the color along the lower lash line and blend it down ever so slightly lower than I normally would. (Again, don’t skip concealer with a look like this! Unless you want that kind of ‘hollow’ look.) That’s it! No liner or extra shadows needed.

I just love the grunginess of this color; cool grunginess of course! I feel like it brings out my brown eyes, but it would look particularly amazing if you have lighter eyes or blue eyes.

MAC Uninterrupted eyeshadow applied on eyes
MAC Uninterrupted eyeshadow applies on eyes

Do you own MAC Uninterrupted eyeshadow? Do you love or hate sepia tones? Tell me in the comments!

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Who doesn’t love a good “shop your stash” moment? I recently rediscovered MAC Uninterrupted eyeshadow and I’m obsessed again!

What’s in my makeup travel bag for summer 2018?

I’m off on a short vacation to the beach next week which means some travel makeup packing is in order. The weather has been very hot and humid in NY lately and next week looks to be no different. So I’ll need simple-to-apply cream products in small, lightweight packaging that will layer well and will keep (most of) their intensity through sticky weather. A tall order for any product I know, but it is possible to achieve. Travel sizes or mini’s are ideal of course.

So let’s launch now right into my chosen products.

(This is a post about travel makeup and not SPF, but of course I will be taking loads of SPF with me. I’m partial to Neutrogena as their formulas are great for those with sensitive skin like myself. I typically wear factor 50 or above all over my body and on my face.)



Beautaniq Beauty Glow Serum – Shop here 

I got this in a Birchbox recently and while it’s marketed as a highlighter, I find it’s way too sparkly for the face. But as a cream shadow it’s beautiful. It’s a water-based product that just glides on the eye and then locks in place. It’s got a lovely pink-champagne tint to it. I have not worn this yet for long hours in the heat so this trip will be a good test. I don’t usually wear heavy or dramatic on vacation so I’ll probably wear this alone during the day for a little shimmer on the eye.

Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Brown Eyeliner from the Warm Nude Trio – Shop here

I’ve spoken about this eyeliner before in an earlier post, so I won’t stay here long but this is a great affordable dark & chocolatey brown liner that goes on smoothly, allows you a little playtime to smudge if you want, but then sets for long-wear. It comes in a trio with black and copper liners so you won’t be able to buy it alone. But all the colors are awesome. (I used the black liner to death so I had to toss it away not along ago, fyi.) I’ve travelled with this product several times in the past since it’s retractable and very user-friendly.

Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black – Shop here

I got this great travel size as a gift-with-purchase recently. But I’ve been through a few travel sizes of this mascara over the years, plus a full size. Clinique just does mascara really, really well. I love this. The formula is not too thick and coats the lashes very nicely without clumping. It’s got a traditional bristle brush, which is my absolute favorite; it distributes the product evenly throughout the lashes to give a very lengthened appearance.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara in Black – Shop here

Packing two mascaras is probably not every person’s idea of makeup downsizing, but this is non-negotiable for me. This mascara never flakes or smudges under my eyes like a lot of others do. And it’s tiny anyway so it doesn’t take up much room in my makeup bag. I’ve been using it for absolute years so it’s a real hero product of mine. I wrote about my love for it in my very first blog post.

From L to R: Clinique High Impact Mascara (travel size), Beautaniq Glow Serum, Physician’s Formula Eyeliner, Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara (full size).

From L to R: Physician’s Formula Brown Eyeliner, Beautaniq Glow Serum. The silver sheen in the Glow Serum really picks up in natural light but the pink tint is clearly visible in artificial light.


MAC Strobe Cream in Pinklite – Shop here

Yet another tried, tested and loved product for me. I used to only apply this under more drying bases like the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, as written about in detail here. But now I use it most days as a first step in my face routine. It’s primarily a moisturizer but it has some fine pink pearl that gives a little luminescence to the skin. I definitely wouldn’t say it’s anywhere near a highlighter; it’s extremely subtle. I’ll be taking the mini size with me, as pictured below.

NARS Creamy Concealer in Chantilly – Shop here

I mentioned this product briefly in my review of the Too Faced Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer, but I picked it up around the same time as the Too Faced and I really like it. It sets nicely without creasing on me, so I won’t have to take a powder. I wouldn’t say it’s overly dry either but keep in mind I only apply as little as I can get away with. The shade I have is the lightest in the whole range so it really helps brighten under my eyes as well. Plus the packaging is lightweight and slim; a win for travel. This is the only coverage product I’ll be taking.

Kiko Cosmetics Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush in 02 Golden Peach – Shop here

I’ve spoken about Kiko here and there on the blog, but I discovered the brand in Italy years ago when I used to go there for business. They make great quality products at fairly affordable prices, but in the U.S. they are only available to purchase online. I picked up a few bits to try a while back including this cream stick blush, which is indeed super creamy and easy-peasy to apply with fingers. This particular color has a good deal of peachy shimmer, so it can both blush and highlight my face depending on the placement. It’s got a light texture and natural finish, minus the shimmer. I feel like it doesn’t get enough love from me, so I’m taking it along.


L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper Brow Mascara – Shop here 

I’ve talked about this in detail in an earlier post. This is my most favorite, top-shelf brow product. I exclusively use brow mascaras now; I haven’t touched a brow pencil in I-don’t-know-how-long. To me this is easy, no-fuss makeup at its best. The brush has just the right amount of product on it, so you’re rarely left with the odd clump that you have to frantically brush out.

From L to R: L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper, NARS Creamy Concealer, Kiko Velvet Touch Blush, MAC Strobe Cream.


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk – Shop here

This is a fairly recent addition to my rather small lipstick collection, but it instantly has become my go-to shade and texture. This is a iconic shade in the Matte Revolution range, which I can best describe as a soft, medium pink with warm undertones. The unique square-shaped bullet makes application easy and quick. The formula is buildable and offers just the right amount of hydration. It doesn’t become the least bit dry over time either. I wouldn’t call this 100% matte though; perhaps more a semi-matte finish as there is some give when you rub your lips together. It’s just so gorgeous in every way.


Swatch of Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick

Are you taking any interesting vacations before the summer is over? What are your makeup travel essentials? I’d love to know!

xo, Erica

Becca’s story, on her birthday

A little break from makeup talk. Today is our baby dog’s 2nd birthday, or what we believe to be her birthday. We really don’t know for sure.

Becca came into our lives in late September 2017. We had just lost our beloved 13.5 year old Labradoodle, Frida, a few weeks before. As when any of our previous dogs had passed away, we were totally heartbroken by the loss. And so was Ava, our now 9-year-old Yellow Lab. Frida and Ava had been best buds for many years, so we wanted to get a new companion for us all. Most of our previous pooches were from breeders except one that we adopted via our vet years ago. But we had always wanted to rescue a dog so that’s what we set out to do last September.

My mom filled out an application for a pet rescue organization, which was promptly approved as we’re experienced dog owners. So we started looking through all the photos of available dogs on the organization’s site and narrowed in on a girl named Becca and one other whose name escapes me now. Becca looked quite small and skinny in the photo, with rich, black fur. To be honest it wasn’t the most flattering photo of her; she is so much more beautiful in person! The day came for the Puppy Meet-and-Greet as it was called, so I went with my parents (and Ava came along too!) to meet Becca to see if she would be a good fit for our family.

Extreme close up!

It was a raucous scene. There were so many dogs and people at this Meet-and-Greet. Cars kept pulling up bringing more people to the area, the dogs were all barking and trying to play with each other. It also was very windy that day, so it was definitely an overwhelming experience. We found Becca and chatted with the people from the rescue organization and the woman who brought her down from the shelter she had been living in. They told us how sweet she was, and how well socialized she was with other dogs. They didn’t know exactly what her breed was but most likely she’s a mix of Labrador Retriever and some kind of hound.

When my mother asked how she was found, we were told she was found wandering the streets in a suburb of Houston, Texas with a rope around her neck. She had perhaps gotten loose from her previous owner’s yard and ran away, or was tied to something and purposefully abandoned. We will never really know the circumstances that put her on the street, as is usually the case with rescues. She was brought to a kill shelter in Conroe, Texas and would have been put down if she had not been sent up north. It was pretty heartbreaking to hear.

As I was holding Becca by the leash that day, she kept leaning into me whenever I crouched down to get closer to her. It was like she immediately wanted physical contact; to make a connection with someone. She was gorgeous but very, very skinny; we could see the outline of her ribs and her chest was concave. (We later found out from a vet visit that she was loaded with parasites.) It was obvious to us that she needed a good home. And just like that, we made the arrangements to bring her home with us and Ava.

Sister love ❤️

She came into our house like a bat outta hell that day. She ran around like a loon for what seemed like an hour before she crashed, and when she did it was across my lap! That was the thing about her, she always wanted to be either sitting right next to you or even better, on you. Every time one of us made eye contact with her or came into the room, her tail would wag furiously. Everything about her demeanor told me she was a sweet girl that had been starved for attention and love. She seemed to trust us from the very beginning.

The first few weeks were an adjustment both for us and for Becca as we got to know her better. The most interesting relationship we watched unfold though was that between her and Ava. Since Becca was used to playing with the other shelter dogs, she initiated play with Ava frequently on a daily basis. Often in the beginning she would rough-house a lot with Ava, which would get me upset at times. She’d go a little too hard for my liking and Ava would whimper. She was that younger sister that pulled your hair or your ear for a reaction. So like a mother or father would in this scenario, we had to discipline her and after a while she understood. The play still goes on between them but it’s like Becca knows how far to go without going too far, if that makes sense. They became close and loving sisters who now often chew bones together and sit on top of each other on couches and in cars.

She has made tremendous strides since she’s lived with us for the past nine months. For instance, she used to go absolutely nuts when we’d used the vacuum; barking, charging and even nipping at our legs. Now you could vacuum on her head and she wouldn’t bat an eye. Don’t be mistaken though, she’s still a little devil in a lot of ways but in the same way almost every young and energetic dog is. She’s gotten much healthier since she’s been with us and gained a necessary amount of weight to fill her frame out. Actually, she could stand to lose a few pounds now. Whoops.

A typical post-dinner scenario.

She’s my beautiful, sweet girl who eats breakfast, lunch and dinner right next to me and who I tuck into her crate almost every night before bed. I fluff up her bedding and hug and kiss her before closing the gate. Some may think that’s incredibly strange but I really don’t care. I don’t have children of my own yet, so until then the dogs are my children and they are looked after as such.

June 28th is Becca’s estimated birthday based on the papers we received from the organization that rescued her. It’s her first one with us. Happy birthday my sweet girl! Here’s to many more together!


My shopping guide to affordable brow mascaras

I love brow mascaras. They’re really the only thing I use on my brows now. I used to exclusively use the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil but I honestly can say I haven’t touched it in years at this point. I would say my brows are of average thickness without too many gaps, and quite long. So I find all I need or want is to brush a tinted mascara through them a few times to get added thickness, color and lift. If you have to completely reshape your brows on the daily or you don’t have many hairs at all, you’ll most likely need a pencil in addition to a brow mascara to achieve your desired effect.

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