Lisa Eldridge’s True Velvet Lipstick Collection

Check out the new, limited-edition lipstick collection from celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge!

Hi friends!

If you don’t know who Lisa Eldridge is, you need to. But in case you don’t want to wander over to Google, I’m here to assist you. She’s a world-renowned celebrity, red-carpet & editorial makeup artist who’s been in the biz for decades. She’s worked for some major brands over the years including Shiseido & Lancome, where she is currently the Creative Director. She was also one of the first professional makeup artists to use YouTube as a social platform, and that is how I discovered her years ago. I’ve been watching her videos for absolute ages and she brings class, sophistication and incredible insight into all of her tutorials. I seriously recommend checking out even a few of her videos; you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re already a Lisa Eldridge fan I’m sure you’ve heard the news but for those of you that haven’t, she just recently launched her first limited edition makeup collection! It’s a very small line of just three red lipsticks called The True Velvet Lipstick Collection. Inspired by her extensive vintage makeup collection & a photoshoot where she cut velvet fabric to fit over a model’s pout, her matte lipsticks actually have a faux-velvet effect on the bullet, right down to its characteristic fuzziness. How cool is that?? It may sound strange to some, but Lisa said in her launch video that the “velvet texture” is only around the sides of the lipstick and not on the top of the bullet where you would apply it.

Lisa has described these lipsticks as mattes that give off a slight sheen, so they are not flat like say Ruby Woo from MAC is. They are creamy and hydrating and wear off as naturally as possible without crumbling or flaking like some other matte textures do. Just so you’re aware, I haven’t tried any of these lipsticks myself so the information I’m giving you in this post comes from Lisa’s website and from her launch video, which I’ll link here. It’s packed with information, backstory & amazing live swatches from the creator herself so if you’re interested in this collection, give it a watch!

Let’s take a look at the actual lipsticks now!

VELVET JAZZ – Shop here (UPDATE 11/30/18 – this shade is now sold out!)

  • Described as “a muted, earthy, brick red…” that “…ranges from an intense brown/red to a soft, brick red, depending on skin tone and method of application.”
  • Cruelty-free formulation
  • £26.00 (or about $33.00 based on 11/25/18 exchange rate; subject to change)
Lisa Eldridge’s Instagram Story announcing Velvet Jazz.
Velvet Jazz applied on the lips. Image source: Lisa Eldridge’s Instagram.

VELVET RIBBON – Shop here (UPDATE 11/30/18: this shade is now sold out!)

  • Described as “a vibrant, universal, classic neutral/blue red. This shade is a classic face brightening red that suits everyone (and its a great tooth whitener).”
  • Cruelty-free formulation
  • £26.00 (or about $33.00 based on 11/25/18 exchange rate; subject to change)
Lisa Eldridge’s Instagram Story announcing Velvet Ribbon
Velvet Ribbon applied on the lips, plus Lisa’s logo superimposed over top. Image source: Lisa Eldridge’s Instagram.


  • Described as “a hot and fiery, bright orange/red. This shade is an explosion of vitality that looks graphic and modern for partiesits the ultimate hot summer holiday shade too.”
  • Cruelty-free formulation
  • £26.00 (or about $33.00 based on 11/25/18 exchange rate; subject to change)
Lisa Eldridge’s Instagram Story announcing Velvet Morning
Velvet Morning applied on the lips. Image source: Lisa Eldridge’s Instagram.

Since I have not yet tried these, I cannot comment on whether this formula is worth the price tag or not. That being said, after the conversion, the price is right in line with the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks, which makes total sense to me. Lisa and Charlotte are both professional artists who have been working with makeup for years and who really understand it well. Who better to formulate makeup products than people like them really? My gut tells me that these lipsticks are probably beautiful and lush and worth every penny for that reason, just like the Matte Revolution Lipsticks are.

If I had to choose one color to purchase, I would probably go with Velvet Ribbon because I’ve always been intrigued by true reds and I’ve never worn one personally. And the great thing about bright lipsticks is that you can apply them in different ways to either dial up or dial down the color depending on your mood and preference. Again, I’ll refer you to Lisa’s video to see how this can be done.

I’m not sure how long this collection will be around, so if you’re interested I’d recommend hopping over to her site ASAP!

Are you a fan of Lisa Eldridge’s? If so, are you excited by these lipsticks? Which color would you choose from this collection? I’d love to know!

Xo, Erica


Check out the new, limited-edition lipstick collection from celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge!


Author: Erica

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18 thoughts on “Lisa Eldridge’s True Velvet Lipstick Collection”

  1. Erica, your writing style is becoming more professional every day, it’s so nice to see you grow. I am very impressed by your post as you said, you have not used her lipstick yet but reading your post in so much depth shows your love for the beauty. If you use this lipstick then please do the review because I would absolutely like to buy one as with red lipstick you don’t need any make up. I like Lisa and watched her few tutorials a year or two ago. When I was a bit more in make up. Those pictures are gorgeous want me to go and buy this lipstick right now but I am going to wait until you use it. I trust your reviews. I purchased my daughter a few things from Walgreen after reading your old posts. Zahra is only 9 and it’s funny to see her and Zoha both into make up as I was a totally tom boy at her age. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I feel like I’ve finally found my writing style for the blog after many months of trial & error. I’m so flattered you bought items for your daughter on my recommendation! I hope she liked them, whatever they are. The lipsticks do look so gorgeous don’t they?? I’m holding myself back a bit since I’ve bought a few items recently. But if I do buy, be sure I will give you guys my review! I have a few reviews coming in December I’m really excited for!

      1. Reviews are the best. I have written several of them but would not like to put it on until I switch to self hosting. If I couldn’t find time to write any other post one of these days then I will pull up those reviews to post. Mine are more on household products and kids stuff. I learned a lot from you as well on the reviews side.

    1. They all look so beautiful to be honest! I’m definitely not the biggest wearer of red lips, but I admire Lisa so much that it’s hard to resist!

  2. I like how the lipstick looks like it has the sheen of velvet. I tend to use lipsticks with a little bit of shimmer in them but think the matte shades would be good for a base layer.

    1. Me too! Mattes are usually great as bases, definitely, and then if you want you can layer up other products on top (satins, glosses, shimmers, etc).

  3. That’s a great post Erica. I didn’t know who she is but now I do. I do love red lip and I am also very excited for the velvet ribbon. I just messaged my daughter who also carries red well. Thank you. I don’t do a lot of make up but I love quality stuff when I do. I am getting hooked on your reviews.

    1. Oh thank you Devinder! That’s so sweet 😊. I do recommend checking Lisa out whenever you have a free moment. She’s so lovely and if you’re looking for tips, there’s no better resource.

  4. Lisa Eldridge is a true class act, Beautiful, elegant and talented! I have been watching her for years and I am sure these lipsticks are perfection and worth every penny. Who wouldn’t want to own a lipstick created by Lisa Eldridge. 😀

    1. You definitely can’t! I’m usually afraid to do one on myself since they can take much more managing than a lighter lipstick, bu you can’t deny how beautiful these colors are!

  5. How interesting that the bullet is fuzzy like that lol I need to see these in person! All of the colors are gorge and I am in love with the vintage vibe.

    1. If you follow Lisa on Instagram and take a look at her stories, you can see people unboxing the lipsticks and you can really see the faux-velvet effect. It’s amazing!

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