Video: My current mascara wardrobe featuring Kokie & Glossier

Kokie Volume + Length Mascara; Glossier Lash Slick Mascara

Hi friends!

A new video for you today all about two mascaras that have been in my rotation for a while now. I hope you enjoy and get something from this if you’re looking for a new mascara to purchase. Make sure you scroll down after watching the video to see brush & post-application photos.

Without further delay, here we go!

To see the original post where I hauled the Volume + Length Mascara, click here.

To see the original post where I hauled the Lash Slick Mascara, click here.

The Kokie Volume + Length Mascara on left; the Glossier Lash Slick Mascara on right. The Kokie wand is slim with short bristles, and the Glossier wand is a bit thinner with short plastic bristles. The Kokie wand has a lot more product, while the Glossier has much less product.
Kokie Volume + Length Mascara applied on lashes
Kokie mascara. Hopefully you can see that my lashes are thicker & more volumized.
Glossier mascara. Hopefully you can see here how lengthened my lashes are. They are not too thick though.

Shop for the Kokie mascara here.

Shop for the Glossier mascara here.

Have you tried either mascara from this post? If so, what did you think? Which mascaras are in your rotation right now? I’d love to know!

xo, Erica


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12 thoughts on “Video: My current mascara wardrobe featuring Kokie & Glossier”

  1. I like my lashes to look fuller so I’m using L’Oreal’s Voluminous Waterproof Mascara in Carbon Black. I’ve been using that for a while and love when Ulta has the BOGO sales on it. Great video! I like how you compared the 2 mascaras. 🙂

      1. I love it! I got it at Indie Beauty Expo over the summer. I really don’t have many Rite Aid’s near me so I may have to order online after the tube is done!

  2. Erica, the video is very nice. I would like to buy the glossier mascara as you said, that no need of make up remover. I hate the eye make up remover so I barely use any mascara because of that reason. You look lovely in the video!!

    1. Thanks you! The Glossier one comes off very easily (mine usually washes off in the shower), so if you’re adverse to makeup removers, it’s for you!

    1. If you love natural-looking lashes with a little bit of definition and length, the Glossier one is for you! Seriously if you just put on coat on, it barely looks like you have mascara on at all.

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