3 ways to make your lipstick last longer

Check out three ways to make your lipstick last longer

And we’ve come to the end of my Makeup Beginners series! I hope you guys enjoyed it and learned some helpful tips and tricks that you can now use when either shopping for or applying makeup. We end now with lipstick, a product that I admittedly fall in and out of love with at times. Currently, I’m very deep in love which is why I’m so excited to write on the subject today.

You may wonder why I sometimes fall out of love with lipstick. I used to be obsessed with my lip color lasting all day because I didn’t want to ever have to touch up. So when the whole liquid lipstick trend started a few years ago, I was all over that! I wanted products that lasted until I decided to take them off.

Now while I still own several liquid lip formulas that I love, my preferences have changed more recently. I still want my lip product to last without many touch ups, but I’ve gotten back into traditional bullet lipsticks either in matte or satin formulations. I don’t mind some wear-down (and let’s be honest, sometimes there’s no way around it) but I want a wear-down to be as “natural” and non-offensive as possible. So I tend to go for “your lips but better” shades now that pick up on the tones in my natural lip color. The wear-down isn’t as obvious then.

The further away you roam from your natural lip color, the more obvious any wear-down will be. I know it seems obvious, but it needs to be said especially for those just starting out with makeup. I used to wear quite bright lip colors, like hot pinks and corals, but after a few drinks or meals the line of demarcation between my natural lip color and the lipstick was very obvious. If you don’t pay attention and touch up, it can look a bit strange. Just be forewarned.

So how do get the most mileage out of your lipstick without having to touch up constantly? I have 3 tips that I hope will be helpful.

Tip # 1: Lip liner

Apply a lip liner underneath your lipstick, preferably one with a long-lasting formula like the MAC Pro-Longwear Lip Pencils, or the Revlon ColorStay Liners, or the Rimmel Exaggerate Liners. Don’t just outline with the liner, fill in the whole lip with it to provide a long-wearing base for your lipstick. When the lipstick starts wearing off throughout the day, you’ll still have the color of the liner coming through.

Tip #2 : The Blotting Technique

If you don’t own a lip liner, no worries. You can still create a long-wear base with the lipstick you intend to wear. The whole idea behind the blotting technique is to create thin layers of color to stain the lips, so when the top layer of lipstick starts wearing off throughout the day you still have some color left on your lips. I’ve tried this method on more creamy, satin finishes to much success. Not so sure if it works on glossy finishes but maybe someone out there can tell me?

This is how it works.

1. Apply a thin layer of your chosen lipstick. A thin layer to me is one swipe all around the lips. Take your finger and gently rub or massage the color into your lips. This takes off some excess and really works the color into your lips.

2. Take a tissue and blot between your lips. You can also go a step further and gently place the tissue against your lips with your mouth closed. Again, the idea is to remove any excess color to create a long-lasting stain.

3. Apply another layer of your chosen lipstick. You can go a bit heavier this time if this is your top layer. If you want to ensure the longest wear, repeat this whole process a second time.

Tip #3: Explore long-lasting formulas

If you don’t want to be bothered applying lip liner underneath lipstick, or rubbing and blotting your lips down, just search the web or the stores for formulas that offer a lot of cling from the get-go. If you prefer a traditional bullet lipstick, search for matte textures or liquid formulas. Just be cautious of drying out your lips, so make sure to prep them well (i.e. exfoliate & moisturize) before color application.

Here are some recommendations for matte formulas based on price range:

Most Affordable ($5.00-$15.00): Maybelline & Flower Beauty (now available at Ulta!) do some great matte textures.

Mid-market ($15.00-$30.00)MAC’s matte lipsticks really last on the lips but they can be a bit dry for some people so just be aware.

High End ($30.00-upwards): Tom Ford & Charlotte Tilbury all the way! The best! Comfortable mattes that won’t dry out your lips but have plenty of cling.

Here are some recommendations for liquid lip formulas based on price range:

Most Affordable ($5.00-$15.00): there are so many great liquid lips at the drugstore! You can have your pick from the Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit, or the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink, just to name a few. I love the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams big time, but just be aware that the lasting power isn’t the best. If you’re after longer wear, I’d go with the Wet N Wild or Maybelline for sure.

Mid-market ($15.00-$30.00): Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipsticks have a great formula that offer comfort, color saturation and long wear. Also, the Hourglass Opaque Rouge Matte Liquid Lipsticks are lovely as well.

Do you have any tips to keep your lipstick looking great all day? I’d love to know!

xo, Erica





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  1. Another great post! I tend to stick with liquid lipsticks now because I am lazy about re applying lipstick and like with other makeup items, I tend to stick to bulletproof items now. 🙂 Agree with you about Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. They are simply divine and worth every penny. Her lip liners are equally super and don’t fade easily as well, at least not on me!

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